Eagle Radio


We were asked to create a short, career advice video for Eagle Radio that clearly communicates to young people how they get into the music broadcast industry, what it is like and what skills they need to be successful.


A fast paced, 90 second video where the audience meets a variety of employees from Eagle Radio and are given a behind the scenes tour of their studio. You will find out how to get into the industry, what roles are available and what personal skills you need to go a long way in the industry.


Olly A – “I found my training experience enjoyable, fun and helpful. I learnt a wide range of skills that have shaped my career plan. I also learnt life skills, like what it was like to be in a real working environment. This new insight into the industry taught me things that I couldn’t learn in a classroom. I found the whole experience to be very exciting and everybody who works there is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this training experience to any young person who has a passion for video and is keen to learn more”