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We love producing engaging corporate films that are rich in content, style and passion. In an ever evolving digital environment, we pride ourselves on simplicity and creativity. We make content that stands out, that cuts through the competition and that communicates clearly to your audience. We also do more with your money – for every film we make, your money will sponsor a disadvantaged young person to attend the Surrey Film Academy! The young person will receive a number of one on one sessions from an industry expert, learn the practical skills needed to work in the industry and you will receive a short thank you video from the young person upon completion of the sessions.

Check out the difference your money could make…

  • “I found my training experience enjoyable, fun and helpful. I learnt a wide range of skills that have shaped my career plan. I also learnt life skills, like what it was like to be in a real working environment. This new insight into the industry taught me things that I couldn’t learn in a classroom. I found the whole experience to be very exciting and everybody who works there is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this training experience to any young person who has a passion for video and is keen to learn more.”

    Olly A
  • ”Loved every moment of my eight sessions with Alex. Cool guy and so much easier to learn at my own pace and have regular feedback. The sessions have inspired me to keep going and try to break into the industry – now I’m more skilled, I feel more confident that I can achieve that.”

    Harrison M
  • ”I really enjoyed my four sessions with Matt. He was relaxed and I found it better to learn without the distractions of a classroom. If you get the opportunity to attend the free sessions, do it!!”

    Dan P
  • ”Amazing experience! My tutor was great and I had a laugh with him during my three sessions. I learned a lot of different skills including camera work and colour grading. I definitely feel more skilled and able to make a short film on my own now.”

    Ashley H



This part of the process is really easy and will definitely not create any additional work for you. We have set up partnerships with Surrey County Council, Surrey Choices and a variety of local charities, who will refer young people to us that we then refer to the Surrey Film Academy for training. 10% of the profit from each commission we receive is pooled and funds a number of free one on one film making tutorials. The sessions are priced at £40 / hour and therefore the percentage of profit dictates the number of sessions delivered. For example, if we make £2,000 delivering a corporate film, then, in return the Surrey Film Academy will deliver 5 hours of free one on one tuition to a young person who has been referred to us via our partners. The sessions are delivered by industry creatives and focus on practical skills needed to work in the film industry. During the last session, the young person whose life your money changes, will create a ‘thank you’ video that we will send to you as evidence that we have delivered the sessions.

Our skilled creative team will ensure an end product that you love. The way we operate ensures that your money goes further and supports the next generation. Your commission will return you an end film you will love and also provide a series a free film making sessions for a young disadvantaged person, helping to tackle inequality within the film industry.

Origin Productions was founded by The Creative Colony Limited and is a registered trading arm.

Yes – a requirement of attending the free sessions is that each young person makes a short thank you film, which will be sent to you once their programme of training is complete. It is important to note that the film we make you, and the thank you film from the young person, may be delivered at different times, although we will try and keep them as close together as possible.

As an organisation we love creating content that stands out from the rest and we also hold very strong moral obligations. The film industry is incredibly hard to access, so anything we can do to assist the next generation, we will. We are a big believer in social value and using our skills to help challenge issues within society. Creating better access for disadvantaged people is something that we believe in….after all, creative talent doesn’t have anything to do with upbringing!














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